Natural Treatment of Blood Pressure by Magnesium at Anti-Aging Urgent Care Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain uses Magnesium to lower blood pressure either by itself or with blood pressure medicine. This natural treatment can help with borderline high blood pressure.

Dr. Jain treated a patient who had uncontrolled high blood pressure by adding Magnesium to her regime of blood pressure medicine which was not controlling the blood pressure well. The patient was constantly running to the hospital with episodic high blood pressure. Dr. Jain advised including Magnesium in her existing medicine and she did well. Mary did not go to the hospital for one year.

Magnesium helps in reducing blood pressure

Magnesium deficiency can cause fatigue, depressed mood, inflammation, hypertension, diabetes, sleep, and heart issues. Magnesium is important for bodily functions, the nervous system, and bone density. 

Magnesium in the diet comes from leafy greens, nuts, beans, and fish. Magnesium Glycinate is the one that absorbs more rapidly than other brands and helps with sleep, cramping, blood pressure, and constipation.

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