Alzheimer Disease, Poor Circulation Anti-Aging Center Orlando


Natural Treatment to improve circulation Dr. Usha Jain recommends Nitric Oxide

Prime-Nitric-Oxide-Activator-relaxed artery

Nitric Oxide relaxes the arteries and increases the oxygenation of the tissues of the brain and everywhere.

A 50 year old patient came to get the treatment for decrease in memory and cognitive functions at the Anti-Aging Center Orlando

Dr. Jain examined the patient and ordered many laboratory tests to find out any deficiencies of vitamins, hormones, and thyroid.

The blood pressure of the patient was borderline high and while waiting for the blood tests, Dr. Jain advised to get Prime Nitric oxide which increases the circulation. Disrupted circulation and blood flow manifests in its initial stage as mild cognitive impairment. Hypoperfusion is the cause of the changes in Alzheimer’s disease. With each heart beat, blood is thrust into arteries that branch into arterioles that branch further into capillaries where they deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Atypical red blood cell is 6-10 micrometers but capillary diameter is abut 8 to 10 micrometers.Capillaries supply the oxygen and nutrients to the neurons. The hypoperfusion should be prevented.

Nitirc oxide was given to the patient which relaxes the arteries and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the neurons.

Next visit, one week later, the patient felt better. Dr. Jain reviewed the blood tests and started working on the deficiency of hormone.

Cognitive functions and memory loss is associated with many issues and easiest one is to improve the circulation by natural means. Give the body, what is needed for the body. Do you fill the gas tank when gas tank is empty? Yes we do otherwise the car will not run. Same principle correct the deficits by giving the body what is needed and your cell will be happy and healthy.

Hypertension affects the capillaries and can cause memory loss.







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