Anti Aging Stand Up For Yourself Self-Representation in MQA Claim by Dr. Usha Jain

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Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in anti-aging strategies like self-confidence and doing things, which will make you proud. Please watch my other videos to connect the stories.

Dr. Usha Jain further proves the greatness of America.

Previously, I shared with you a story. They lost that claim, so out of retaliation, they pursued me further. Can you believe that?

It all started when my neighbor put up a fence between our houses against our homeowner’s association guidelines. I complained about it, and he responded by saying he needed a fence because garbage from my house was blowing into his yard. I did not know what he was talking about. 

The homeowner’s association made him remove the fence. While he was removing it, he claimed he found a biohazard bag that came from my house and was pricked by a needle from inside that bag.

That claim was absurd because I keep all biohazardous materials at my office and I dispose of them properly. I sometimes use bags that say biohazard for other purposes, and such use does not violate OSHA guidelines.   

That claim was declared by the county government to be invalid. A few months later, he complained about the pool at my house. The same court officer that harassed me about my sign came, and while he was there, my neighbor complained about the biohazard bag again. He also claimed I was keeping biohazardous materials in my garage because he saw boxes labeled biohazard. 

That claim was also absurd. I was using those boxes for storing other things, like non-poisonous flowers. However, that sore loser of a court officer wanted to get back at me. So he went after me once again.  

That court officer eventually found the same attorney in the Florida Health Department who went after me before and lost, so the two sore losers joined together to complain to the Medical Quality Assurance board.  

That board sent me a letter informing me of an investigation taking place against me. It said they were investigating that I had possibly buried needles in my yard. Isn’t that insane?

The investigation lasted three months, it found nothing, and I was cleared. After I was cleared, I complained to the Inspector General of the Health Department because I was falsely accused. The Inspector General found my allegation was true and that attorney was later let go. 

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