Anti-Aging Center Orlando Dr. Usha Jain Holi Festival

Dr. Jain is an expert in Anti-Aging medicine where Dr. Jain helps prevent the diseases by natural means, hormones and vitamins. Dr. Jain believes that anti-aging also involves love, respect and good karma.

Anti-aging also consists of celebrations, music and dressing up. Creartion of the good memories makes you happy and healthy.

Celebrating the festivals also gives you joy and take the loneliness and depression away.

Dr. Jain celebrated a Hindu festival of Holi and performed the dance which brought the love of Lord Krishna and Radha alive on the stage. Dr. Jain feels blessed to be able to the role of Radha and with her husband who played Lord Krishna.

Dr. Jain advocates the same thing for all the patients to celebrate and participate in the activities.




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