Anti-aging Center Tips of Dr. Usha Jain in Orlando Florida 32819

Dr. Jain who specializes in Anti aging and regenerative medicine . Dr. Jain believes Happiness is one of the main factor in anti-aging.

You will be happy if you look at the positive side of any given scenario first and then you can look at the negative side.  If you have a good attitude then you will see the positive side more than negative.

Good attitude  – positive side –happiness-antiaging                        Choice is yours

Bad attitude- negative side –stress- depression & drugs.


Dr. Jain’s uses the following  to make the right diagnosis:

  •  Good clinical exam
  1. Use the diagnostic tools like blood tests, x rays and EKG etc. liberally for making the right diagnosis
  2. Take an input from the patients about their problems and their thoughts in detail.

Dr. Jain’s will do the thorough treatment right away without waiting:

  1. Bioidentical Hormone treatment
  2. Vitamin treatment
  3. Injections
  4. IV nutrition
  5. Natural herbal remedies
  6. Natural food remedies

Dr. Jain is board certified in Emergency Medicine  and  Pediatrics.

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