IV Nutrition/Vitamin & Mineral Therapy/Antiaging Center Orlando 32819

Dr. Jain specializes in Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine. Dr. Jain uses best of both traditional and natural/alternate therapy. Dr. Jain can make you better when you are sick and also help you to keep healthy with her antiaging knowledge.

Dr. Jain can treat you with IV hydration and antibiotics and can also give you the IV nutrition and anti-oxidant therapy. Dr. Jain treats your diabetes and hypertension by natural means and also combination of traditional and natural medicine.

She saw a patient who was going to have neck surgery for the disc protusion which was causing the weakness of the arm. The patient was scheduled for surgery but Dr. Jain gave the patient anti-oxidant and IV nutrition therapy and the patient started responding and pain and weakness of the arm got better. AMAZING MIRACLE. The patient did not have to have surgery and also didnot have to go for epidural either.

Guess what who was that patient? Her own huband. Spread the joy of not having to go for surgery.





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