Anti-Aging Mother’s Day Dr. Usha Jain Walk in Medical Center

Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in Anti-Aging medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Jain celebrates all the functions of Hollywood and Bollywood. This year is special to Dr. Jain because she made Morgan & Morgan drop the claim agianst her husband’s hotel. Dr. Jain also celebrated Mother’s day spiritually by giving a tribute to the Goddess, the mother of universe.
Bollywood style devotion dance is performed by Dr. Jain for the Goddess. This was Mata ka Bulava which means the invitation of the Goddess. Amazing story of the wonders of the Lord to get Dr. Jain in the Mountains of Himalaya to get the blessings. Dr. Usha Jain also attended an function to honor the Goddess which is called mata ki chauki. Dr. Jain loves to sing and dance in devotion.
Antiaging can also be achieved by music and dance in devotion.


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