Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Usha Jain Tips Walk in Medical Center Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain has been serving the community for the medical needs including emergencies for 37 years. Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in emergency medicine, anti-aging and pediatrics. Dr. Jain advocates health is equal to happiness. Health and happiness can be achieved from the diet, exercise, vitamins, hormones, music, dance and prayers.
Dr. Jain’s faith is Hindu and Jain.religion. Jain religion is the believer of karma and nonviolence.
Faith can bring you confidence and joy from singing and dancing.
Dr. Jain believes in good karma whis is your wealth and goes with you. Good karma comes from not killig the life and also by not hurting any one knowingly. Wealth does not go with you but wealth of good karma is yours and goes with you.

  1. Diet: Avoid sugar which is a metabolic poison. Vegetarians keep their arteries clean and also get the blessing from the animals for respecting the life and not hurting them.
  2. Exercise releases endorphins which are considered to be the happy hormones and give the upswing to your mood.
  3. Vitamins are required for your body to function properly.
  4. Hormones are required by your body for optimum functions.
  5. Singing is a form of art of learning which grows your neurons in the brain. Dr. Jain tries to learn the songs and memorize it.
  6. Dancing also is an art and form of an exercise which also releases happy hormones.
  7. Dressing up uplifts you.
  8. Hard work always let you reach your goal and make you happy.
  9. Learning is also help your knowledge which empowers you and generates neurons in the brain.
  10. Prayers and faith in God always empowers you and can help to make the negatives into positives. The power of faith and prayes which can be in the form of dancing and singing can help you.

Dr. Jain does Bollywood and Hollywood style singing and dancing for her faith.

Aarti’s in this video is Hindu way to honor the God and Goddesses. This video contains the aartis of Goddess Amba, Durga, Vaishnav devi, Luxmi, Saraswatie, lord Shiva, lord Ganesh and bhagwan Mahavir


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