Bioidentical Hormones Hot Flashes Back Pain Anti-Aging Dr. Jain

Back pain and not feeling well can be the sign of hormone decficiency. Theory is that when the body is deficient in something, the body tries to send the messages to you by causing the multitude of the problems and messages by giving hot flashes, back pain, tight feeling, anxiety and so on. Dr. Jain suggests to listen to the messages of the body and supply what is deficient to the body specially hormones.

A 40 year old patient walked in the medical center with the complaints of back pain and hot flashes where the patient alway felt hot. The patient was examined by Dr. Jain and lab tests were ordered which included the panel of hormones and thyroid tests. The patient was found to have deficiency of progesterone. Dr. Jain treated the patient with bioidentical hormones and patient responded well. The patient was given the slide presentation about the hormones and after the consent the patient was started on the hormone and her hot flashes went away.


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