Anti-Aging of Dr. Usha Jain for Commissioner 32836, 32819

This is the statement of Dr. Jain despite the fact she had some unwarranted injuries.


  1.  I am blessed to be alive. I could have been easily crippled but God saved me.

My  injuries is the cause for many issues right now.  I do feel strongly that I will overcome all the obstacles of injuries and will come out stronger than ever before to continue my mission against the wrongdoings. These negative things make me more inspirational for my mission against the wrongdoings.

2.    I am blessed to be in America where justice prevails. It prevailed in the past for me.

3.    I am blessed to have confidence in Justice System of America.

4.    I am blessed to be a doctor to do my noble work of saving lives and helping people.

5.   I am blessed to get the blessings all day with my work.
6.   I am blessed to know how to use Guru Google to help me in my mission.

7.   I am blessed to have confidence that I can bring justice with hard work & faith in God.

8.   I am blessed with power of strength and knowledge to continue my mission.

9.   I am blessed to inherit the genes of truth honesty and principles.

10. I am blessed to believe in God and Karma.

11. I am blessed with many of my great patients in the community.

12. I am blessed to believe in positives and not negatives.

13. I am blessed to uphold the legal system.

14. I am blessed to go for principles and not the money.

15. I am blessed to have my mental integrity.

Have a blessed day and God bless America.  Dr. Usha Jain

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