Anxiety Palpitation Insomnia Hormone Deficiency Anti Aging Center

We have seen a patient who is 45 year old female and has been having dizziness, palpitation and anxiety attacks. The patient already has been seen by her MD, emergency room and cardiologist. The patient was given tranquilizers.
The patient walked in the anti aging center of Dr. Jain who is an expert in taking care of the sicknesses and also making difference in the life by treating anxiety and palpitation with the replacement of the body need rather than sleeping pills and tranquilizers.
Dr. Jain suspected hormonal imbalance and ordered the test for that. The patient was found deficient in hormone. The patient was given the prescription of the hormone after counseling and consent.
On follow up the patient claims that she noticed an immediate improvement and also felt more energetic and happy. Progesterone deficiency needs to be corrected.

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