Celebration of Halloween at Anti-Aging Center of Dr. Jain 32819

Dr. Jain believes in positives and not any negative. The positives are healthy and happy for you. Dr. Jain stays open on Halloween too but this halloween was special for Dr. Jain and her patient Paul Johnson who gave the permission to Dr. Jain to give his name.

Paul Jonson had severe Gasteroenteritis with dehydration after eating an egg and had the infection. Paul was treated immediately with I V hydration and antibiotics two days in a row.

Dr. Jain made all the efforts to get an MRI of the abdomen which was done by 12 pm. The  radiologist called the report stat and Dr. Jain admitted the patient. The patient had surgery and took about one week to recover.

If the MRI was not performed and if he left without surgery then he may have had serious outcom eof his sickness. This patient is a prime example that the patient should be examined and not work on the phone.

Paul brought flowers for Dr. Jain but Dr. Jain felt that those flowers and tribute goes to the God who made successful outcome for him. Thank you God for the blessing to Dr. Jain to do the right diagnosis and timely treatment.


Dr. Usha Jain treatment of Cholecystitis and Rupture

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