Diabetes and Hypertension Risk Anti-Aging Center Orlando

Natural treatment of diabetes and hypertension starts with life style changes.

A 50 years old patient was seen by Dr. Jain for physical exam. Dr. Jain found that the patient has increased risk for diabetes and borderline hypertension.

Dr, Jain is an expert in anti-aging and she advised the patient to do life style changes instead of medicine. Dr. Jain cleared the misconception about the sugar vs salt.

Sugar is the main culprit for diabetes and hypertension. Sugar can raise your blood pressure more than salt. Sugar and specially fructose can do following:

1. It can increase the blood pressure.

2. Increase heart rate.

3. Increase oxygen demand

4. Contribute to Inflammation

5. Cause insulin resistance

6. Can cause metabolic dysfunction

Dr. Jain advised the patient to reduce the sugar and carbohydrate intake by decreasing the consumption of processed food.


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