Dr. Usha Jain Deserves a Medal Anti-Aging Center Oralndo

Dr. Usha Jain love about the dress up, music and dance besides her primary love to practice medicine.

Celebration of July 4, 2014 by Dr. Usha Jain

Dr. Jain is a firm believer of hard work and faith. Dr. Jain works 7 days a week in her emergency center. She feels that she gets blessing all day by doing her service to the community  for their emergency and medical needs.

Also, Dr. Jain’s work about helping the law authority to get the criminals last week was amazing. She made the plans to get the criminals arrested in Pine Hills area and her mission was successful. There were five arrests last week from the work and scheme of Dr. Jain to help the criminals out. Dr. Usha Jain decided to help the police force herself. She made the scheme with the help of one of her patients and the mission was successful.

Dr. Jain believes in taking care of the root of the problem rather then  fixing the problem from the surface. If the criminals get caught then the streets would be safer for the hard working citizens.

Also, jobs needs to be created to get the criminals out from the street which will prevent situation-made criminals. For example if people do not have place to live and eat then they will rob someone. If they are given the jobs then they will not even commit the crime.


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