Jai Ma Bolo Holi Dance Dr. Jain Anti aging Center Orlando

Dr. Jain is an anti-aging expert and dealing with the needs of the people and the community to be healthy and happy.

Dr. Jain believes in doing things for yourself which makes you happy. Dr. Jain believes in celebrating all the holidays with some of the patients who are interested in joining Dr. Jain. Happy Holi to you and everyone!!!

My husband and I had the honor and joy of the performance on the stage on March 8, 2015 in Turkey lake Park Orlando. Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil. Holika and her brother Narsinghma made a concerted effort to abuse their power and made a scheme to burn his own son and her nephew (honest kid) who disagreed with the wrongdoing (evil deeds of his father. Prahlad (nephew) who believed in good deeds got saved with the grace of God but Holika got burned instead  and father was also killed at the end. This led to the end of the abuse of the power which created joy all over India. We performed in honor of the Goddess with the positive energy which we passed on to the audience. Costume are created by Dr. Jain, lyrics of the song is written by Dr. Jain and the song is sung by Dr. Jain as well.

Holi performance Dr. Usha Jain

Holl Festival Dr. Usha Jain Performance

Joyful Colors of Holi

Dr. Usha Jain Anti-aging center Orlando

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