Natural Treatment of Low Testosterone Anti-Aging Center Orlando

We have seen a 35 years old white male with the complaints of tiredness, muscle weakness, weight gain and depression. The patient also complaints about low sex drive. The patient has been treated by psychiatrist and has been given Celexa but the patient didn’t improve. The patient was seen by Dr. Usha Jain who is an expert in anti-aging medicine. Lab test were ordered CBC, Chemistry profile, thyroid tests and testosterone. The patient had low-normal testosterone (level of 300). The patient wanted to have children so the patient was advised to not take testosterone because it would stop the production of testosterone. He advised 5 ways to naturally increase the testosterone levels.

1. Avoid binge drinking; Alcohol causes your testicles to stop producing testosterone.

2. Increase your Zinc by supplements and foods like raw milk, raw cheese and beans.

3. Exercise regularly produces extra testosterone. Exercised which train large muscle groups like bench presses, squats, dead lifts are best way to boost your testosterone and build muscle more quickly.

4. Sleep is vital in keeping you testosterone levels high. Testosterone levels can drop as much as 40 when you don’t get good quality sleep for 6 hours.

5. Sex increases testosterone levels. Erection can cause the testosterone levels to go up.

2.Increase your Zinc

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