Anti-Aging Center Dr. Usha Jain for Commissioner Be Strong

Dr. Usha Jain who is an expert in Emergency Medicine, Anti-aging and regenerative medicine advocates this;


This is the letter Dr. Jain have written to one attorney who tried to intimidate by doing wrong statements.

Please answer my emails and questions, I have asked you. It has  been seven days now. You are representing and getting paid for your work. Please provide me with what I am ENTITLED for without further waste of time which is leading to unnecessary harassment. You want to represent the client then do it proper way without violation of Florida Statutes, and without unnecessary intimidation and harassment. Your degree is not going to protect when I raise the voice against the wrongdoings (Violation of Florida Statues, intimidation, harassment and violation of ethics). I need everything and your partial answers are cause of my harassment. This case would not move further till you provide me the requested records and also the directory. You tried to dupe me by saying that it is a personal information but I sent you the Statutes, so please follow. Violation of the Florida Statutes is a REPORTABLE CRIME. Please do not give me the advice about my rights as I am well aware of that. I trust Guru Google to give me the advice and you NEED TO RESPECT MY RIGHTS AND GIVE ME THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. I do not hire attorneys but I file suit against them when they do the wrong things under the protection of their degree and they feel they are above the law. Attorneys are there to protect the law and not to destroy the law and disrepute the legal system. By the way, a friendly reminder, that, we live America, the land, leader in world where justice prevails and will prevail with my hard work and faith.

Dr. Usha Jain

For truth, honesty and principles



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