Growth Hormone Anti Aging Orlando Dr. Jain Orlando

Dr. Jain specializes in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Jain is running for Governor of the State of Florida to make a difference. Dr. Jain is helping herself and patients in using the anti-aging strategies where replenishment is done of the depleted vitamins and hormones. The healthy physical being gives you healthy mind and healthy longevity. The growth hormone needs to be used properly if there is a deficiency only. The measurement of insulin-like growth factor-l (IGF-I) test is an indirect measure of the average amount of growth hormone (GH) being produced by the body. IGF-I and GH are polypeptide hormones, small proteins that are vital for normal bone and tissue growth and development. IGF-I is produced by the liver and skeletal muscle as well as many other tissues in response to GH stimulation. IGF-I mediates many of the actions of GH, stimulating the growth of bones and other tissues and promoting the production of lean muscle mass. IGF-I mirrors GH excesses and deficiencies, but its level is stable throughout the day, making it a useful indicator of average GH levels.

Growth hormone deficiency is not common but exists and tests should be done to measure the growth hormone. Taking the growth hormone, just to feel good is not a good option. Evidence based medicine is the way to treat with growth hormone.


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