DHEA-S Anti-Aging Center Orlando 32819 Dr. Usha Jain

Dr. Usha Jain offers the blood test to evaluate adrenal function.

DHEA-S, testosterone, and several other androgens are used to evaluate adrenal function and to distinguish androgen-secreting conditions that are caused by the adrenal glands from those that originate in the ovaries or testes. DHEAS can be measured to help diagnose tumors in the cortex of the adrenal gland (adrenocortical tumors), adrenal cancers, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia or adult-onset adrenal hyperplasia and to separate these conditions from ovarian tumors and cancers. When DHEA-S is low it is suggestive of the need for supplementation. Low DHEA-S levels may indicate the presence of adrenal gland dysfunction or low output from the pituitary gland. When DHEA-S is elevated, it is suggestive of supplementation; consider reviewing dose if evidence of adverse signs and/or symptoms.


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