Urinary Infections & bioidentical Hormones

Antionette is a 86 years old lady who presented with the complaints that she is feeling terrible because she felt a fire around her vagina which would not stop. She described that the fire feeling was so bad that it was better to die.

The patient was seen by her doctor in St. Port Lucie and was given the antibiotics but there was no help in the feeling of the patient.

The patient’s daughter drove her to Orlando to see Dr. Jain which is over 100 miles from St. Port Lucie. Dr. Jain ran several tests which included blood and urine.

Dr. Jain treated her with different antibiotic, yeast therapy, IV vitamins and bioidentical hormones. The patient responded to treatment and patient did well.

The same patient was seen few years ago by Dr. Jain who diagnosed the condition properly and fixed the patient.

Dr. Jain felt blessed to fix her condition two times when the other doctors in her home town could not do it.

Dr. Jain specializes in Emergency Medicine and also Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Usha Jain thrives for the excellence in diagnosing and treating the patients.




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